campFIRED UP Mission:
To inspire young people to wake up, show up and be FIRED UP for each day they get to live their life and make a difference in the world!  We help our campers believe in themselves, their dreams, and those of others, as they learn how to set goals, take action and work happily and respectfully with their campmates all while laughing, playing and having FUN!!!!
The campFIREDUP! Acronym:
What it means to be FIRED UP!
  • F - Fun - Look for the FUN in every task and let it FUEL your purpose!

  • I - Inventory - What makes you and your life great! 

  • R - Reframe – your challenges and choose your attitude!

  • E -  Energize – your body, mind with great nutrition and exercise

  • D - Dream – be inspired to do BIG THINGS!  The world needs you to!

  • U - Understand – work to understand and care for how others feel and think

  • P - Present - be in the moment, alert, prepared and show up each day as your best self for life, like a scout who is heading on an adventure in the wilderness, ready for whatever may happen!

  • ! - It is ok to be excited about life! Use exclamation marks, laugh loudly, tell people what they mean to you, celebrate often, dance when you are given the option, and never be afraid to try something again and again!   
  • High Energy Music, Games and Activities throughout each day

  • Chance to interact and make new friends from other schools

  • Camp Dance and Talent Show

  • And a special guest speaker Steven Lopez, Olympic Gold Metal Recipient

Over two fun and incredibly packed days, our campers will experience a dynamic program that will prepare them to be leaders in the classroom, on the sports fields, and beyond, coupled with old fashioned summer fun. They will leave campFIRED UP! excited about life and feeling ready to take on the world!

Last 30 minutes of each day will be Family Training by the Camp FIRE talk:
Aric Bostick and Angie Kunkel will give parents the opportunity to sit next to their child to learn how they can communicate better to each other as well as activities that build the child parent relationship and bring FUN back into family time!